I ❤︎ Trainers - part one, inspiration

It’s a beautiful thing when fashion and function come together. Case in point - trainers. I bloody love them.

They’re probably the item of clothing I’ve bought the most since my son was born. You know, since long gone are the days of business meetings, fancy lunches and a quick pint after work. Now I look for something easy to slide in and out of at soft play, should I have to run into the ball pit at a seconds notice.

My trainer collection. Please tell me I'm not alone in my obsession?! I think this is fairly reasonable... 

In my twenties I was a heels girl, all the way. At work, the bottom drawer of my filing cabinet was full of them. Should I need a classic black stiletto at a moment’s notice? No problem. But now, well I can’t even remember the last time I wore a proper heel!

I do think trainers have a come a long way in the past few years. It’s now not only acceptable to wear them with a dress, it’s considered fashionable (and a look I totally adore and wear whenever possible).

I loved dressing down this Hush maxi with my favourite Air & Grace Copeland trainers. 

I think I’ve always been a trainers girl at heart, it’s just taken the shoe industry a while to produce shoes that are beautiful and functional. And now, I’m obsessed.

My current count is 13 pairs of 'fashion' trainers, three pairs of exercise trainers and a couple pairs that should be permanently retired but instead have been demoted to ‘garden shoes’ (note, I’ve probably been in our garden err, ten whole times in the three years that we’ve lived in our current house).

Add trainers and a denim jacket to any dress to make it more wearable for daytime. Statement necklace optional. 

Are you convinced? Or are you still clinging onto your ballet flats and UGGS? Let them go ladies! Stylist’s orders! I promise, you will not be disappointed. 


Here’s some style inspiration from a few of my favourite bloggers to get the inspirational outfit juices flowing…

Zoë de Pass from Dress Like a Mum is also a big fan of the Air & Grace Copelands - in fact she designed her own line for them (living the dream!)! She's a great person to follow for making quirky fashionable items more wearable - whether you're a mum or not.

Who knew a satin skirt would work so well with trainers and a jumper? @dresslikeamum

Zoë dress down a tea dress with a simple pair of white sneakers. 


Kat Farmer of Does My Bum Look 40 is a big advocate of trainers. I've lost count of how many pairs of Golden Goose Deluxe Brands she must own. Her signature style? Well-worn trainers with a maxi dress and biker jacket. It works so well! 

So simple yet so stylish @doesmybumlook40

A duster coat dresses up a simple t-shirt and trainers combination. Culottes lend the outfit a trendy edge but jeans would work just as well if you're not as brave! 

Maxi skirt, slogan tee, trainers and biker jacket are always a winning style formula


Fran Bacon of The Fashion Lift loves to dress down her best items with a pair of comfortable trainers. Follow her for great school run style! 

Not sure how to dress down your leather leggings? White trainers do the trick! @thefashion_lift

Print mixing done right! I love Fran's no nonsense easy to wear approach to fashion

Erica Davies of The Edited NEVER (well, hardly ever) wears jeans. She's a great one to follow if you want simple styles that do not include denim. She does a great job of pairing trainers with a culotte or wide legged trousers - so chic! 

Simple neutral colours a pair of Adidas give off a Parisian feel. @erica_davies

How to dress up all black? Tonal pinks. I love these pale pink kicks

How to dress up all black? Tonal pinks. I love these pale pink kicks

What do you think? Do you love these looks as much as I do? Do you need some help choosing your next pair? I’ll be back next week with my five fave brands, so stay tuned. Be sure to subscribe if you don’t want to miss it!