The Birth of My Blog

I’ve been dreaming about this blog for awhile. I decided I wanted to start it months ago, but then never got around to it. I told people I was doing it and often get asked, ‘is it live yet?’.  No. I kept telling myself it’s one of those things that requires a block of time to accomplish. But it doesn’t, I was just finding excuses. I just needed to sit down and DO IT. Even if ‘IT’ is one design improvement, one blog post, one picture edit. I just need to do it.

I find myself procrastinating and holding myself back a lot lately from the things I tell myself I want. I don’t know why exactly – I’ve discussed it with friends and acquaintances, business coaches and other bloggers. But I guess what it comes down to in a way, is fear. Fear of what other people will think. Fear of judgement. Fear of success.

Well today I’ve decided that I just need to get over it. I’m a creative soul and find myself happiest when I’m creating. The more I create, the easier it is. After all, we all have a limited amount of time and I’m not doing myself any favours by worrying about such things. So here I am. And here's my blog. I’m starting this off as a collection of things I love and I’m interested in – an expression of my life, my observations and my hopes and my dreams. Please be gentle.