Spring Saviours: What to Wear Now

It’s the end of April and yesterday I saw snow – true story! This month’s weather patterns are seriously out of whack and stalling any chance of breaking out that spring wardrobe.

It’s a tragedy in both style and retail planning – think of all those skirts and sleeveless shirts that shops just can’t shift. Hopefully it will at least mean some stellar sales for us shopaholics. 

If you’re anything like me, I bet you’re ready for some change in the style stakes and just dying to break out those sandals and put your winter wares away for good. But how can you do this without sacrificing comfort and warmth?

Here’s are five ways to spring into a new season of style while not freezing your bum off…

1) Heat things up with colour

From left: Zara blazer, £39.99; zara mules, £49.99; whistles tie top, £95;  topshop bardot top, £32

Orange and red are the hottest colours of the season – plus psychologically they are associated with warmth. So add a hot hue to your outfit and it will make you instantly appear brighter and pop against that sea of those still playing it safe (and boring) in grey and black.


2) Break out the white        

Another clever colour trick for styling into spring without having to sacrifice any layers or warmth.

Just swap your navy or black blazer for a white one. Wearing colour? Add a white accessory. Or even white trainers – which are the fashion darlings footwear du jour.


3) Jumper + jacket combo  

Because you really need to put that wool coat away – it’s almost May!

But yeah, wearing a lightweight shirt underneath a jacket is probably not enough when its 3°C. So hang on to your knits and pair them underneath a jacket or blazer. If you really must you can always top it off with a furry gilet or wooly scarf.


4) Layer under

This is a trick I always use with clients and they are surprised how good it looks. Women are so used to layering things on top but often don’t think to start off with the heavier layers. Try a long sleeved top or turtleneck underneath a shift dress or shell top. You’ll be surprised how many new outfit combinations you’ll discover with this simple trick!


5) Swap out your footwear

Ok you may just have to grin and bare a little bit of cold. But proper boots should not be worn in May!
Try a shoe boot with a peep toe, trendy trainers or patent loafers or simple ballet pumps. Your ankles may be a little chilly but it will add a new lease of life to your outfit.