Lolo's Guide to Spring 2016 Style: Trends to Try from the Catwalk to the High Street

Although there’s still a nip (and then some) in the air and ice covering my wind screen, the days are definitely getting sunnier and staying bright for longer, which can only mean one thing – Spring is on its way!  

To me, Spring means sunshine, daffodils and of course… a new season of clothes! This season does not disappoint either – most of the trends are totally wearable and have been brilliantly adapted from the catwalk by the high street. While there are A LOT of 90s-inspired styles on the street, it is possible to steer clear and stay stylish, no matter your age, body shape or budget.

It’s safe to say that I’m totally in love with Spring 2016 style… here’s a simple guide to my top trends of the season. I’ve also decided to break out some of my faves for separate special features. Stay tuned and subscribe for brilliant tips and tricks to update your wardrobe, style them for your shape, adapt them for your age, and of course – the best places to buy them! 


This season’s ‘notice me’ body part is the shoulder (if you can call it a ‘body part’?!).

In my experience as a stylist I have NEVER had a client say they hate their shoulders (although I’m sure there are some!). Think about it, you don’t get ‘fat’ shoulders – skin here is always taut, no matter your age!  

This trend is great for fitting in with your individual style. If you want to show off a toned physique, go for a Bardot style body con dress. Want to hide your mummy tummy? A billowy Bohemian number will look fab. Too busty to go strapless? Choose a top or dress with cutout shoulders rather than an off-the-shoulder style.  It’s perfect for all ages, sizes and personalities! 


Florals can be mixed and matched with endless options

Florals are nothing new and hardly ‘trendy’ but the prints out this season are fabulously fresh and fun. Ditsy prints are dead and in their place are bold versions of beautiful classics – they remind me of something you’d find in an old almanac!

The styles this season see colourful-stenciled motifs against bold backgrounds of black and white, making them easy to incorporate into your existing wardrobe. and can be mixed and matched with endless options.


A strategically places frill will hide a multidude of sins. Rock and ruffle on! 

From flirty flounces to contemporary cuts, ruffles and frills adjourned many an outfit on this season’s catwalks. Again, it’s nothing new but the sheer selection (quite literally) this Spring is inspiring.

If you’re a girly girl, you’ll be in seventh heaven. If ‘romantic’ is not part of your style mantra, fear not. In my feature on ruffles I’ll show you great ways to tone down this trend.


horizontal stripes do NOT necessarily make you look wider - it's a myth! 

Stripes. Again, nothing new here (anyone noticing a trend?). But this season we’re not talking about black and white or the Breton tee. Stripes have gotten a makeover and instead of play-it-safe monochrome, I’m happy to see a rainbow of colours and a shift to the vertical variety.

Stripes are easy to wear no matter your shape or size and they are great seasonal updaters as well as investment pieces. Whoever said a tiger can’t change its stripes was clearly mistaken.  


Please remember - when wearing underwear as outwear, you still need underwear underneath!

Flashback to 1994. While this trend is new for now, it’s definitely reminiscent of the waify rockers we all adored in the 90s. Who didn’t want to channel La Moss in her slinky silk slip dresses?

Problem is, most of us aren’t waifs. And silk and satin can be quite unforgiving. If you DO want to try this trend, go for a simple cami and layer it with a masculine jacket – I love an every-day tuxedo style; or add a lacy edge to your skirt. 


Brands like Jigsaw, Jaeger and Mint Velvet, who aren’t known for their edge, have included it in their Spring/Summer collections – in nice, safe and easy to wear ways. Just wait… you’ll see!

So... tie dye is cool again. Before you balk, hear me out!  

While you WILL find some seriously hideous psychedelic pieces out there, you’ll also find some totally tasteful tie-dyed threads. Yes, I know that’s an oxymoron amongst itself but you’ve just got to trust me on this one.


Don’t go overboard with embellished denim. Lace or embroidery details looks fab on a chambray shirt but jewel encrusted back pockets are just a bit impractical.

It’s a bit odd to say that ‘denim’ is a trend, but it is in full force this season. It looks like designers are finally giving up on the skinny and creating more interesting cuts and styles. Hurrah!

Denim jackets have been on the up for the past couple years and I think they’ll finally hit mainstream again this season. Fashionistas across the globe have been spotted wearing them as middle layer – over a top, under a jacket. It’s fun and fresh, try it yourself.


Try a new spin on this juicy hue this spring

That’s right, while red is not dead, orange is the chic new colour du jour. It’s fresh, vibrant and a great way to brighten up your attire.

To keep it looking current, avoid wearing orange hues with black – instead team with neutrals, varying shades of orange, or colour block with bright blue or purple. If a juicy tangerine is too much for you, try a diluted mustardy yellow or a rusty shade.


The classic is cool again

This is something we all have lurking in the back of our closets. When I do Wardrobe Detox appointments, I always find a white shirt and even though my clients often say they don’t currently wear them, it’s one of those items they must keep, you know, ‘just in case’.

Well it’s time to break it out! It’s an easy piece to pair with this season’s funked-up denim and it looks fabulously luxe teamed with tangerine. If you’re after a new one, combine it with another of this season’s trends like an off-the-shoulder number or a shirt with a delicate ruffle. Voila, two trends in one!


The skirt is the most popular choice as it can be easily dressed up for a special occasion or work wear or dressed down with a T-shirt for a chic everyday style.

Another great updater for your Spring style. This season we’ll see an abundance of pleats in different fabrics, cuts and materials – so keep trying until you find one that suits you.

If you've got hips, look for knife pleats - these fold on to the side onto the next pleat, and will hold their shape better than accordion pleats which fan out and will add excess volume! 


Keep metallics current by contrasting textures – try matte with high shine and embellishment against smooth surfaces.

Metallics are big on the scene this Spring. Expect to see sequins and shine worn in the daytime. Take something fabulously sparkly from your evening wardrobe and pair it with something unlikely from your daytime digs.

Do you have a sequinned top? Try it with a pair of ripped jeans. A sparkly skirt? Add a simple cotton tee. Embellished jacket? It will add amazing interest to a t-shirt and jeans combo.


Try tucking your top in. This shape is surprisingly flattering and concealing! 

Say hello to the paper bag waist! Any trend that makes you look a couple sizes smaller is fine by me – and this one won’t disappoint. It cinches you in at the waist, but offers volume above and below to create a fabulous hourglass effect. 

You’ll find the style in a huge selection of styles, colours and fabrics but if you’re a skinny jean only kind of girl, start small and keep it simple with a classic solid colour.

And there you have my top picks of the trends to try this Spring 2016. As previously mentioned I will be breaking down my favourite trends even further in the next couple weeks. Is there one you’d like to see more of?  

Do you need help bringing these looks into your current wardrobe? Come shopping with me and I’ll show you how to update your look without breaking the bank!