New(ish) Year... Same Old Me

So we’re nearly three weeks into January and I’m well aware that I’ve not blogged in (over) a month. But I’m ok with that (and you probably didn’t even notice!).

I was lucky enough to spend three weeks in the US over the holidays, which meant a stunted start to my new year. Getting back in the swing of things was not easy, so I decided to give myself a break.

This is how I spent the week after Christmas - it was wonderful! 

This is how I spent the week after Christmas - it was wonderful! 

Then I started reflecting, and it felt pretty great. And much needed. Instead of going full steam ahead with a ‘new year, new me’ and all that garbage, I’ve decided to give myself the rest of the month to reflect on the past 12.

Now I’m not one to set myself a big long list of resolutions. I’ve tried it in the past and to be honest, it’s never felt natural. Allowing myself to ease back into work this past week has been challenging – it’s not my normal pace, but it has given me a lot of food for thought.

2015 was a great year in a lot of ways – but I won’t pretend it’s not been challenging. My husband and I made a lot of major changes at the end of 2014 – new house, new jobs, new marriage. But I’m still here and everything is growing and flourishing – which I think is an accomplishment in itself.

The past couple of weeks have given me a few things I’d like to achieve in 2016. NOT resolutions… just things I want to record here and look back on in a year and say yeah, I made those changes and my life is better for it. Here they are:

1) Shop less, shop smarter

Of course my first goal is a style one! This is going to be hard for me but I need to live what I preach.

I’ve detoxed so many wardrobes (including my own) in the past few months that I know I’m guilty of several sins I tell my clients to avoid. I’ve got a great closet full of clothes and I WILL make the most of them.

 2) Make my blog more personal

If you’ve been with me from the beginning, I’m sure you’ll see how this blog has already evolved. I have no doubt it will continue to this year.

I separated it out from my styling business intentionally. With styling it’s all about my clients and serving them. I want this voice to belong to ME.

3) Get back to baking

I did A LOT of baking in 2014 – so much that I think it burnt me out. Combined with my desire to cut sugar meant that I didn’t do much baking in 2015.

But I love it so I’m going to find new (healthier) ways to make delicious things – and share them with you lucky lot.

4) Be a better wife/daughter/sister/friend

This is probably on all of our lists. 2015 was humbling for me in a lot of ways. It really made me realise that good relationships take a lot of work and that nothing lasts forever. So I plan to fully appreciate and love those at the top of my list – and let them know how much I love them whenever I can. 

5) Be friendlier

Okay this sounds so simple but it’s often forgotten. I spent the first few days of 2016 visiting a good friend in Portland, Maine, where the locals were astonishingly nice. Even my friend – she would greet every store clerk with a super smiley “Hi, how are ya?” – and it was kind of amazing. It raised the tone of any interaction to such a new level.

So I’m giving it a go. I know it’s not very ‘British’ but I guess as an expat, I don’t have to be. I already tried it once last week at a workshop. It set the tone for a great day with the woman sat beside me – and we’re planning on meeting for a coffee soon!

6) Stop beating myself up

This is another one I’m sure others will sympathise with. I know I’m my own worst enemy and have been for years. In 2015 I did a lot of introspection – and it really made me see how hard I actually am on myself.  I think this one will probably be the toughest to be honest – but it will also most likely improve my life and relationships the most.

So that’s what I hope to achieve in 2016, in a nutshell. I’d love to hear what goals you have for the New Year!

Ringing in 2016 in (questionable) style - Happy New Year! 

Ringing in 2016 in (questionable) style - Happy New Year!