Lolo's Life - A Quick Update

One of my goals for 2016 and for this blog was to make it a bit more personal. Looking back, I’m not sure that I’ve totally achieved that quite yet… so I started brainstorming on a more ‘personal’ blog post. It just didn’t feel like I had a natural lead in and I wasn’t really getting anywhere, rather quickly.

So I decided I’ll just go for the awkward, ‘I know I said this, but here’s the reality’ lead in. And here we are. And here’s a little update on the things going on in my life…

Being Pregnant

I’m just about to start my third trimester of pregnancy and I definitely ‘feel’ pregnant. I’ve been fortunate to have a fairly easy (knock on wood) pregnancy up to this point. No major morning sickness or other crazy side effects. I’ve been lucky to be quite mobile and exercise regularly throughout (swimming and pilates are fab).

I’m hoping these last three months will go by without a hitch. I definitely can’t hide the bump now and am starting to get a bit restless. There’s a definite ache in my back, I’m pretty darn tired, sleep is rather restless and my stomach is all kinds of smushed, making it difficult to eat much. But as it’s getting closer and closer, I am so excited to meet my little boy!

I also plan on blogging more about my experience, so stay tuned… Next week I plan on posting about the things that helped me survive my first trimester.

My Personal Styling business

I’m gearing up for a really busy start to AW16. I’ve loved having the past few weeks to have some me time and relax as everyone else seems to be on summer holidays, but from next week business is going to get a bit crazy.

I’m looking forward to detoxing and shopping for several wardrobes before I go on maternity leave. My last day for Personal Shopping is Friday 16th September. Then I’m taking a mini holiday as my best friend from the US is visiting. I have very limited availability in October for Wardrobe Detoxes and Online Shopping, and I’ll also be participating in St Albans Fashion Week – whilst I enjoy the early days of maternity leave!

My plan at the moment is to take a few months completely off, with the occasional blog and social media post, and return to the business part-time from March. I’m keeping this very loose for now though!

St Albans Fashion Week

I am so excited to be the resident stylist for St Albans Fashion Week. I’ve already started blogging for them (check out their fab blog and my posts if you haven’t already).

I’ll be hosting an event on Tuesday 25th October (tbc), aptly titled ‘How To Look Good Knackered’ (I’ll be 37 weeks preggers, eek!). Tickets will be on sale shortly but if you’d like to know about it first, please sign up to my email list.

I’m also hoping to help out at the catwalk show and potentially with some mini shopping sessions during the weeklong extravaganza. More details to follow soon!

House updates

We keep getting asked if the nursery is ready…. Err, not even close!

You see when we moved in two years ago we did a lot of work to our downstairs living space – and were too burned out to do much upstairs. So we’ve had our work cut out to get ready for the baby.

I’m giving up my dressing room – which will become the nursery and we’ll be converting our second bedroom into a guest room/wardrobe/office space for me. I’ll be posting regular updates over on my Instagram, so give it a follow if you’re interested in seeing the progress.

On Blogging

As I write this, part of me is thinking, gosh this is rather dull – will anyone actually read it?! But my more personal posts have often been my most popular one so who knows.

I am planning to blog more as it gets more difficult to move around and be on my feet, and I’m hoping that I’ll be able to keep it up, even if only rather occasionally, once our little boy arrives.

I’ve got lots of exciting posts planned for the next few weeks… from more about my pregnancy to maternity styling help and of course, plenty of content to kick off Autumn/Winter 16! If you want to receive updates straight to your inbox, be sure to sign up here