Lolo Lovett at St Albans Fashion Week

Over the past few months I’ve had the pleasure of working with St Albans Fashion Week as their resident stylist. This culminated last week when I hosted an event called How to Look Good Knackered, alongside their week long celebration of fashion, retail and local businesses.

The event itself was a great success – I had around 25 fabulous women in attendance and I was pleased to welcome the gorgeous make-up artists from Bare Minerals and the lovely Julie Cole, a stylist with Stella & Dot jewellery, to showcase their wares.

I also learnt that speaking in front of a group of people for an extended period of time is not an easy task when 37-weeks pregnant! Due to the length of the talk, I hadn’t done a full run-through … and didn’t anticipate that baby L would be burying himself in my upper torso, giving me very reduced lung capacity!

Lolo and her rail of clothes at St Albans Fashion Week

Despite this it was a lovely evening and so far I’ve received some great feedback! As such I thought I’d share with you some of my top tips if you weren’t able to attend the evening….

Let’s face it, we ALL have those days when we feel like no amount of makeup will hide our exhaustion, our favourite outfit isn’t coming to the rescue, and even carrying that beautiful bag won’t draw attention away from the bags under our eyes. Let’s be honest, life can be exhausting. And for most of us, our selves are one of the first things we sacrifice when the diary gets full and we’re running on empty.

So the million pound question, how DO you still look good when you are absolutely knackered?! Here are my top tips…

1) Know your shape and style

It’s not about fashion and what’s trendy, it’s about your personal style and what works for you. We all have different personalities, different lifestyles and different body shapes.  

If you struggle with this, there are plenty of online resources to help (check out Pinterest!). I also offer a free body shape guide when you sign up for my email newsletter – you can do so here.

Which of the main body shapes are you? 

Dressing for your shape is one of the best things you can do to look more pulled together and stylish. It’s not about size - anyone at any size can look fab, but you have to know your shape and how to dress for it!

2) Get your wardrobe in shape

I always suggest new clients start with a wardrobe detox. The best way to get the most out of your wardrobe is to know what’s in it. I’m sure you’ve heard that most women wear 20% of their clothing 80% of the time – I actually think these numbers are even more skewed!

My general rule is that if you haven’t worn it in six months, it doesn’t belong hanging up. Also anything with stains or holes needs to go (unless it can be repaired – and you actually will do it). If your clothes look knackered, then so will you!

Invest a couple hours, twice a year, in a closet clear-out and you’ll save yourself so much time in the long run!

3) Wear colour

Colour is so important. You don’t need someone telling you what season you are though. I strongly believe that all women have a natural instinct and know what works for them – they just often choose to ignore it. And then retreat to basic black and white.

If you’re tired, colour will liven you up. Black absorbs light, and will make dark circles and fine lines more noticeable. White does the opposite – it reflects light. Which is great if you’ve got a glow, but not if you want to hide under a duvet. Choose something colourful and you’ll be amazed at the difference it can make. 

4) Make-up, make-up, make-up

This is a pretty obvious one, but it works. Have a basic routine ready that you can nail in a matter of seconds, focusing on features that you love.

If you’re frequently looking drab and don’t have time for a face full of make-up, invest in longer term solutions – like getting a monthly facial. Or even just regularly exfoliating and using a great moisturizer will make a difference.

Bare Minerals Make-up Artist Lucy, showing an attendee how to liven up her skin

If I could only choose three products to pick me up, I’d go with 1) a concealer to get put those bags at bay (this Bare Minerals one is my favourite), 2) mascara to open up your eyes (no need to spend here though – cheap supermarket brands are just as good as premium!) and 3) a bright lipstick to draw attention away from where you look most tired. At the moment I’m really loving lip crayons like these from Bobbi Brown and Lipstick Queen – they’re a great all-around product.

5) Know how to pull an outfit together

This is probably the most difficult one and it will take some practice. Obviously, I’m going to say get in the professionals who will help make it easy on you!

When I take clients shopping, they often ask for one of my Look Books- it outlines several different ways to wear the items they bought. I also do Outfit Building – where I come to your house and working with what you already have, pull together a number of outfits (up to 50 in three hours!), take snaps and leave them for you to use as necessary.

If you want to work on this one on your own, follow the ‘three-piece Rule’ – wear at least three articles of clothing that are interesting in their own regard. You can also spend some time taking snaps of your favourite outfits and keep them somewhere handy (like posted inside your wardrobe) so when you have those ‘ I don’t know what to wear!’ mornings, you’ve got a handy guide right at your fingertips.

Put these tips into practice and your routine will work better for you and you’ll look less knackered, I promise! If you need more help, do get in touch. Or if you’d like to add something, please comment below!