How to Find Your Perfect Hem Length

It may not be summer *quite* yet, but despite the chill in the air, the sun is shining more days than not lately. So the question is - are you ready to ditch those 80 denier tights and brave it with bare legs?

Personally as much as I love to ditch the denim and go bare legged, I always think twice as I am rather self-conscious about my legs. While I probably err on the wrong size of average, my legs tend to be where I put on the most weight so it’s absolutely vital that I give them the best possible chance for looking decent.

This brings me to an amazing styling tip I’ve recently learned. It’s so simple yet makes so much sense. I swear, this is life-changing stuff!

The simplest was I can put it is that basically, your hemline should hit where your leg curves back inward towards your bone. This creates an optical illusion, which magically disguises your thighs and any unwanted bulges.

Our eyes and minds naturally like to follow lines, so when you cover your legs at the point where the line of the leg curves in, the eyes unconsciously tell the brain to continue that line, slimming the rest of the leg that you’re looking at. If you’re not following me check out the images below…

Find your perfect hem length |

See so when the leg curves back inward (i.e. where the star is) that’s where you want your hemline to hit!

Try this out for yourself by standing barelegged in front of a mirror and holding a towel around your bottom half. Slowly raise the towel from the floor upwards, taking note when it’s most flattering. I guarantee it will be at these inward curves.

Check out the image below. Notice how despite whether it's long or short the legs can still look thicker depending on the length of my 'skirt'? The green boxes are so much slimmer! 

Hem lengths |

Whether you’re buying new clothes or want to update old ones – get a tailor to help your hems hit their perfect length. If you pay premium prices for a stunning skirt that only looks mediocre on you, you’ll never feel your best in it and you’ll have wasted every penny. However when you hem that skirt or dress to the right length, no matter if it’s designer or high street, it will look more expensive, helping your legs reach their most beautiful potential and leave you feeling comfortable and confident.

Try the towel test and let me know what you think!