Lolo's Five Fab Things

Lolo’s Five Fab Things is BACK! While I may have failed with keeping this going as a weekly series, it’s for quite a good reason you see… I’ve been setting up my own personal styling business, and it’s kind of consumed my time.

Now that my website is live and in a happy place, I fully intend to get back to blogging and sharing with you my five most fabulous things on a regular basis. This collection is quite eclectic – from new brands I’ve recently discovered to what’s on my Christmas wish list… let me know what you think!

1) Pumpkin-flavoured EVERYTHING

Anything pumpkin is definitely fabulous in my book. Yes, I’m a typical American female and I am obsessed. I make my husband go out of the way for a Pumpkin Spice Latte (PSL) on a regular basis. I have three cans of Libby’s in my cupboard. I have a whole Pinterest board dedicated to ‘Autumn Bakes’ (c’mon we all know that means pumpkin). I made my sister smuggle three bags of PSL M&M’s with her when we recently met up in Germany.

{ Check it out  for loads of Pumpkin-inspired goodness!}

{Check it out for loads of Pumpkin-inspired goodness!}

I’m not ashamed of it. I figure I only get a month or two a year to indulge in all things pumpkin, so I fully intend to do just that!

2) My Zara suede skirt

I saw it online before it arrived in the shops and it was love at first sight. After browsing the rails in a couple Zara stores on Oxford Street I found one! In a size extra small. So I asked the not-so-friendly sales assistant (why are Zara sales people so miserable? It’s Zara! You get first dibs on new stock and a discount!). She went to look in the stock room – and found it!

A total steal for only £60!! Thanks Zara. 

I’ve only worn it a few times as suede is not exactly suitable for British weather but it’s beautiful. Like all good leather, it gets better with each wear. Yes it’s rather retro/70s in its style but that makes me think in a year or so I’ll store it in the attic and in thirty years it will be back in fashion and my teenage daughter will just adore me for keeping it. Or something like that.

3) Berrywhite drinks

I stumbled across Berrywhite at Bloggers Fashion Week last month and almost walked right past the stand thinking ‘just what the world needs, ANOTHING sugary flavoured water drink”. But my fellow blogger Karen stopped and started chatting to nice man at the stand, who also happened to be the founder.

His passion for the brand was obvious so we tried one – delicious! Not sugary at all. In fact, its just natural fruit extracts, white tea and spring water. No added sugar, no gross artificial aftertaste. They come in a sparkling version (served in cans) or still (in bottles) in scrummy flavours like peach & goji berry, cranberry & guava pomegranate & blueberry (my fave).

Berrywhite drinks - yum!

Not only will you feel good drinking them, you’ll feel good buying them – a portion from each can/bottle goes to their own foundation to help fund education projects. The store locator on the site isn’t much help but I think you can find them in selected WHSmiths and Waitrose stores.

4) Celestial jewellery

This is one trend that’s a bit late to the AW15/16 party, although I’m not too sure why! It was all over the Parisian runways (Emilio Pucci, Valentino, to name a few) at Fashion Week last spring (when they show the Autumn collections) but it just hasn’t really hit the high street yet.

By I am coveting sooo many items. I started a secret Pinterest pin board a couple months ago at my mom’s request – ideas for Christmas gifts. Then this week she asks what my top picks are and I’m all like ‘that moon and star necklace’. She asks which one – as apparently I’ve pinned quite a few! Oops.

There are a few pieces out there but Etsy might be your best bet. I’m predicting this trend is a bloomer that has potential to stick around for a while – so it’s totally worth investing in. I've started a Pinterest board to collect my future findings! 

5) Proportional shopping online at Dune

As a professional stylist, I’m always conscious of shopping in the right proportional sizes for my frame. It’s a clever trick that can make you look smaller (or larger if you’re not careful!).

It’s shocking how few online shops do model shots with accessories. And how many times I’ve forgotten to look at the measurements and accidentally bought a microscopic handbag or earrings the size of my head.

So I was thrilled the other day to see that Dune now include an image of a silhouette for each of their bags – both holding it and on the shoulder. This seems like a cost effective way for them to get the point across – and it means the model/clothing doesn’t distract from the main event! 

Dune Handbag Silhouette |
Dune Handbag Silhouette |