Style How To... Wear Trainers

Now that you’ve been inspired and found your favourite pair of kicks, how do you actually wear them? Maybe that’s a silly question but I want to be sure that your trainers are reaching their FULL potential and properly earning their place in your wardrobe.

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1) Keep it classic with a t-shirt and jeans

But add an edge, obviously. My favourite jeans with trainers are ankle grazers. This will help avoid the awkward bunched up hem you often get, plus they show off those sexy ankles.

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If you’ve got a thicker ankle, there’s no need to hide it, just choose a shoe with a chunky sole to add balance.

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Or for a different look - try trousers! 

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2) With a dress

Now this is probably a bit controversial to some of you, but why not give it a try. It will give those dresses in your wardrobe a new lease of life!

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I’m a firm believer in wearing what you own and not saving anything ‘for best’. So this is a perfect way to dress down that maxi you bought last summer. Or wear with a skater dress for a girl about town style.

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3) Skirt and jumper

Another style that might be slightly out of your comfort zone but once you’ve embraced it, there’s no turning back.

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This is my style du jour for meetings and maintaining comfort whilst also looking somewhat considered and fashionable.

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I’ve found recently a lot of my clients don’t own many skirts – if this is you, you can get the same look by throwing a jumper over a dress.


4) Just add colour, texture, fabulousness

If you’re stuck wearing the same old ‘uniform’ every day, like jeans and a jumper, trainers are a great way to add interest to your outfit with no extra effort.

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My favourite trainers ‘of interest’ are my Leopard-print Copelands by Air & Grace. They instantly make the most basic of outfits look more stylish and I receive so many compliments when I wear them.

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5) Dress down your best Items of clothing  

I already touched on this by pairing trainers with a dress, but you don’t need to stop there! Take anything you own that might be considered a bit ‘too much’ for day time, add trainers et voila – you’ve got a new look!

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Black trainers look amazing with leather (faux or real) leggings and a chunky trainer with a wide legged trouser is top trend for 2018. Want to get more out of that sequin skirt or dress you bought for the holiday party four years ago? Just add trainers. 

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You can wear a simple t-shirt or jumper, your favourite jeans, trainers and then top it off with the coat. This also works with dresses, skirts, leather leggings, etc, you get the picture. It will instantly up the fashion factor to ANY outfit.

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Just make sure the hem length is different between the two in order to create length and elongate your silhouette. 

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My only trainer NO-NO: trainers with tights

… it just doesn’t work. The eye is drawn to the shoe and legs look weird. 

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If you absolutely must, then choose a tight with a low opacity - avoid think black tights at all costs. 

The ONLY exception is if you have simple streamlined black trainers with tights. It just about works for a sport luxe feel. But anything lighter in colour or that stands out will just make your silhouette look rather odd!

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How do you style your trainers? I'd love to see! Feel free to tag me @lololovettstyle on Instagram .

Want more inspiration? Check out my Trainer Style board on Pinterest ❤︎