5 Ways to Style a Roll Neck Jumper

I seriously love a good roll neck (or turtleneck as they say the US). They make a casual outfit look just a little bit more elegant and put together. I’m prone to always being cold so I love the snuggly warmth of them. And they are just so versatile!

Okay, I know they aren’t for everyone. Bigger busted women struggle with them (I’ve got some tips for you below!).  People prone to overheating may give them a miss too (choose fine knits and a mock neck!). But I really think that there’s a good roll neck out there for everyone.

While they look do look great paired with your worn-in jeans and comfy boots, there are so many more ways to style them. Here are five of my favourites:

1) The casual and cool look

Take a baggy, chunky roll neck and wear it with jeans – it just looks like a big baggy jumper. However when you pair it with a cute miniskirt, it’s instantly fashionable!

Corduroy is big this season and there are loads of simple A-line options (this New Look one is just £20 and comes in five different colours). Add motorcycle boots and a saddlebag and you’ve got a perfect daytime outfit.

2) Sleek and chic for the 9 to 5

Need a roll neck for work look? This is it. Take a nice fine knit (cashmere especially) and pair it with trousers, skinny jeans or even a skirt. Keep the colours contrasting then add a neutral toned sleeveless jacket. It’s city girl chic without too much effort.

Add a pop of colour with your accessories – a handbag or a hat in rich autumn hue looks great. For an extra chic look be sure to keep jewellery to a minimum (too much and it becomes too try-hard!). 

3) Modern monochrome

I’m in love with this look worn by Olivia Palermo. Her outfits are often the epitome of being fashionable – sometimes too much so for the normal woman. But this is so wearable!

You can go all black but I love this look in burgundy (the shade of the season). Nude heels will elongate the legs so it’s great if you’re on the shorter or curvier side. A chunky statement necklace adds a focal point and ups the wow factor.

4) Leather + (faux) fur

Leather leggings are big again this season. A lot of my clients over a size 10 still fear them, but there are so many fits and styles out at the moment – so try them before you dismiss the trend!

The bonus is once you find your perfect pair you’ll realise they go with just about everything and instantly make any outfit look so much cooler.

Add a loose fitting roll neck and top it with a stylish gilet and some simple accessories. Another outfit low on effort but high on style!

5) Unexpected glamour

It’s surprising that a roll neck does go with literally EVERYTHING. That includes, sequins, tulle and other over-the-top skirts you'd like to dress down and make more wearable but haven’t found the solution. The roll neck is it!

Keep the colour simple, the knit fine and the quality high. Accessories should be considered but not overdone. It’s a great look for those seasonal occasions when you want to look smart but not too dressy.

What do you think? Still not convinced that the roll neck is the perfect autumn/winter article of clothing? Here are a few more style solutions to help.

If you’ve got a…

Long neck

The roll neck is perfect. It shortens the neck and will make it look more proportionate.

Short neck

Choose a mock turtleneck (which will eliminate the bulk) and avoid anything that will draw attention to your neck like long earrings. Put your hair in a ponytail and wear a patterned skirt or trousers to draw attention elsewhere.

Large bust

Many large busted women think they can’t wear roll necks as they add bulk to the upper body and worn wrong, can make you look like your smuggling melons under your jumper! The solution?

1) Choose a fine knit. Chunky jumpers will add more bulk.

2) Go for one in a longer length – it will elongate the torso and make the chest look less large. This also means whatever you do, don’t tuck it in!

3) Try a cowl neck. It’s more relaxed at the neckline, so will show a bit more skin.

4) Wear statement earrings – they’ll draw the eye upwards and away from your chest!

Small bust

Roll necks have the exact opposite effect on women with small chests – they can make them look non-existent! A good way to counteract this would be to go for a slightly cropped version – it will make the torso and chest appear bigger.

Ready to rock a roll neck? Which look do you love the most? 

Want more style inspiration? Head over to Pinterest - I have a board dedicated to roll neck styling and another board chock full of knitwear to buy now (with lots of roll necks!).