My Do’s and Don’ts for Shopping the Summer Sales

Summer sale shopping tips | Lolo Lovett

Who doesn’t love to a bag a bargain? We’ve hardly seen a glimpse of sunshine but nevermind it’s that time of year again… summer sales! It’s a fabulous time to stock up on some staples and get those holiday items you’ve been putting off. But beware, shopping the sales can be tricky – not to mention immensely stressful!

As a personal shopper I’ve spent plenty of hours sorting through piles of clothing, elbows at the ready in case I come across that perfect popular size. It’s definitely not for the faint-hearted! 

My top advice sales shopping is to keep expectations low and brave it alone or with a professional. Here are some other ways to help you make the most of the summer sales: 

DO buy favourites you bought early in the season that have become staples
There’s nothing worse than when your favourite t-shirt gets a hole or your bestie tips a glass of red wine over those perfect trousers – except when you can’t replace them! If you have a pieces you bought this season that have become wardrobe staples, it’s ok to buy a back up. Just don’t go overboard.

DON'T buy it unless you’d pay full price for it
This is a big one and probably the most commonly ignored. You should never buy anything unless you absolutely love it – and that means you’d love it equally if it weren’t in the sale.

DO shop with a purpose
Make a list of what you need and shop with this intention. It will make it much easier to not get carried away. Which leads us to the next tip…

DON'T blow your budget
With so many bargains to be had, it’s easy to get carried away. Don’t. You’ll only live to see items sat in your wardrobe with tags still on them and a hefty bill. Plus sales items often have a shorter return period – so be wary.

DON'T purchase OTT trends
They’re in the sale for a reason! Trends come and go every season and if you didn’t snap it up early on, there’s probably a reason for that. And a reason no one else bought it either. Steer clear.  

DON'T buy it if it doesn’t fit NOW
Seriously. I know you’re thinking but I will loose that extra five pounds. Ok well when you do, you can go shopping again. There are always sales on. Buy what fits now.

DON'T forget classic items that will be perfect for next season
But they must be classic, wardrobe staples. Autumn is not that far away so don’t be put off by long sleeves and jumpers if they are something you will genuinely need and get wear out of once the weather turns.

DO have an escape plan
It’s a jungle out there. Know where you can go for a time out if needed. Find an off-the-beaten path café where you can refuel and recharge with some coffee and cake if the shopping gets tough!

DO shop online
It’s so much easier to trawl the online shops than the real ones. In a click you can find out if they still stock your size. That post office queue may be a pain but trust me, having to wrestle through a sea of shoppers and wait in the snaking checkout queue if often worse!

DO sign up to mailing lists
I know you probably have a million unread emails sitting in your inbox. But choose a few of your favourite stores and sign up. Aside from the fact that they often give you a one-off discount, there’s a good chance you’ll get to preview the sales first.

So are you strong enough to brave the sales? Let me know if you grab any amazing deals!