Cook, Share, Socialise: Introducing Cookbook Club

Over the past few days I’ve alluded to something very exciting on my social media accounts. Well folks, I’m excited that I can finally share it with you!

It’s a rare occasion that you come across the right idea at the right time and find the right people to share it with. But this is exactly what happened when I decided I wanted to launch a new social group – The Cookbook Club.

It all started when a friend in the US posted a brilliant article about this phenomenon – basically a potluck dinner combined with a more traditional book club. The article was so inspiring, I instantly knew it was something I’d love to create here in the UK.

However as I already run a personal styling consultancy and a business-networking group, I knew it wasn’t a venture I wanted to launch on my own. After a bit of Googling, I came across something called “Cookbook Club” already happening in locally – with my new friend Emma at the helm!

I’m not sure if it was coincidence or the perfect serendipitous moment, but I immediately knew Emma was the one to help me bring this idea to life. We met a few weeks earlier at another networking event and instantly clicked. Emma grew up in Canada and has that familiar warm and welcoming North American way about her. Oh, and as a fellow foodie, I knew she’d be up for it. She runs the brilliant CookeryEatery – a business that embodies everything I want the Cookbook Club to be about. Real people cooking real food, for health, for happiness, for fun!

As luck would have it, we already had a coffee date in the diary. Our ‘coffee’ turned into over three hours of excitedly discussing our businesses, how we much we love food and cooking and how important it is to our lives. It was then that something very special took shape.

So what’s this Cookbook Club all about? It’s about coming together, sharing a meal and enjoy each other’s company. As previously mentioned, it’s like an North American potluck meal – where everyone brings a dish around someone’s house to share. If you’ve ever been to a potluck you’ll know what randomness can ensue (not always a good thing!). So we’re taking a new approach and making it more focused – by choosing a cookbook for every meeting. It’s up to you whether or not you actually read the book but you do need to choose a recipe from it (or the same topic at the very least!).

It’s not about fancy shmancy hosting and Pinterest perfection. It’s about trying new things and experimenting. With a whole book of recipes to choose from you’re sure to find something that you’re comfortable cooking, fits your budget and tantalises your taste buds. And chances are someone will choose to make something that doesn’t do any of those things – but you may discover a new favourite ingredient or recipe.

Sounds like fun right? Here’s all the essential info you’ll want to know…


It’s being hosted by myself, Lauren Lovett, in conjunction with my lifestyle blog and Emma Ince Goulding of CookeryEatery.

But we need members too – everyone is welcome (women and men of all ages!) but because there are only so many people we can fit in a house, and for safety reasons, you must know a member to be invited. If you haven’t met myself or Emma, we’re holding a fun intro evening (details here) at the stunning Hermitage Rd. & Co. in Hitchin next week.



It’s simple, as a group we’ll vote on a cookbook, all recommendations will be welcome. When it comes to choosing recipes, it’s first come, first served. You’ll need to let us know in advance what dish you’d like to bring along. We’re honestly open to whatever – we just don’t want duplicates or 10 cakes and no dinner (even if this may be ideal for some…).



It will take place in a member’s home. The first one will be held at my house in Little Wymondley – you’ll be sent details once you’re officially registered. The March CBC will be at Emma’s house in Hitchin – then hosting will go to a new member!



It will take place every other month, on a Friday evening towards the end of the month – the first one will be Friday, 29th January from 7:30pm. So that’s six times a year we’ll gather in the name of food and fun.

We're kicking off with a launch party and information evening on Thursday 3rd December from 7pm at Hermitage Rd. & Co. RSVP if you'd like to come along! 



Why not! It’s a great chance to enjoy food and drink with some familiar faces and meet some new ones in a warm and welcoming environment.



Interested? Leave your details here and we’ll make sure you get all the latest updates. If you don’t know Emma or myself, we’ll need to fix that – as I’m sure you wouldn’t want strangers in your house either!

All friends will then be sent a password to book. There will be a £5 charge upon booking – this will go towards giving the host a thank you gift (a cookbook of course) and the remainder will go towards sundries and alternating local charitable causes. Each month will be capped at 12 guests (errr… cooks!).


We’d love to welcome you to our information evening at 7pm on Thursday 3rd of December at Hermitage Rd & Co. Pop in to chat with us about the launch of the Cookbook Club and stay for a glass of mulled wine, mini mince pies, some foodie chat and the start of something very special.